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The websites tend to go beyond the simple requirements such as being nice and search engine friendly. Our clients often request interactive, functionally unique websites, where applicable, an IT system which supports the business through web-based interface. Sometimes their only expectation in this area is that the content of the pages have to be editable on the admin interface by themselves without the help of webmaster.

If you have such requirements, and want your systems to be created by professionals with extensive experience in transposing your ideas onto webpages, do not hesitate to contact us.

We give a quote for:
  • Creating a simple website with variable site content through administration interface
  • Creating websites with newsletter option
  • Blogs, forums, guestbooks preparation
  • Photo galleries, video galleries preparation
  • Development of webshops, as well as extensions
  • Unique software with web-based interface, software development
  • Modifying and expanding websites in operation.

All of these cab be created with an existing portal-engine, or completely new custom-developed systems as required.
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