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Website development reference web pages. Please take a look at the websites we have created in the last few months! The web publication of their owner’s consent.
kellemes-hasznos.hu kellemes-hasznos.hu

clil.hu clil.hu

Content and Language Integrated Learning
lelato.hu cerberos.hu

lelato.hu privat-timer.no

Public education, and large group lessons. A different language school, different learning opportunities. Videoconference friendly, online private lessons, 20 hour courses.
lelato.hu bimun.hu

The official website of Budapest International Model United Nations - International Students' Forum called BIMUN held in Budepest in 2011.
lelato.hu lelato.hu

We develop, produce and distribute fixed grandstands, mobile grandstands, mobile stages. Our product range also includes telescopic grandstands, plastic stadium seats and theatre seats.
In addition, our client ordered logo design, flash animation as well as search engine optimization.
www.magyar-logyogyasz.hu magyar-logyogyasz.hu

Hungarian Association of Equine Practitioners website. Profile: Horse veterinary as well as educational and research-related tasks for professional, scientific and cultural activities.
Workflow of this webdesign: web design, website development and search engine optimization. Position in Google search results list: logyogyasz, allatorvosok words first place.
www.tanulaskontroll.hu tanulaskontroll.hu

Courses for adults and children: learning methods, speed reading, children mind control, learning methods for primary and secondary school students.
Services Provided: web design, hosting, search engine optimization. Positions in Google search results list: "tanuláskontroll" word first place.
www.vetlabor.hu vetlabor.hu

The purpose of a permanent laboratory and veterinary surgery is to have proper veterinary diagnostic and therapeutic services for the requirements of this day in age.
The previous version of vetlabor.hu website was created by our company, so the owner didn’t hesitate to turn to us. We used vivid colours for the new website, for the header graphic design we asked for some special photos from pets magazine. Search Engine Optimization Results: "allatorvosi laboratorium" word is on the first place in Google search.
www.hajomodell.hu hajomodell.hu

Our main products are the models of vessels and yachts, sailboats, warships and boats of the 1700-1800-century, which are meticulously handmade, spending hundreds of hours with great expertise and are made of original detailed plans or drawings, paintings basis.
The webshop has been made after the special requests of our client to achieve design and functionality. SEO result: "hajómodell" word in Google search is the first place.
www.thwd.hu thwd.hu

The THWD team was created to invite any age group to parties to Hungary’s best, organized festivals, with bringing colours to the domestic nightlife by organizing special evenings.
In the flash animation we used the partyorganizer team’s choice of music. Next to the webdesign our task was to design a unique logo. The contents of the gallery can be managed from the administrative site accessible by the client.
www.karaktertancstudio.hu karaktertancstudio.hu

Dance, salsa, salsa, ballroom, dance school, rueda, movement, education and dance training.
Colour scheme, design style in the hot summer evenings, Latin salsa made partyjaira booster site. The gallery owner changes the content of the website. In addition, the internal mailing list, newsletter signup, figurakatalógust contains.
www.kopecsnikmiklos.hu kopecsnikmiklos.hu

Miklos Kopecsnik is a civil veterinarian profession. In this context his favourite photo theme is Hungary’s wild animals, expressing the respect towards the perfection of nature. The other area he likes to capture is different - difficult to describe in words - expression of feelings, based on previous definitive experiences.
The website gallery is updatable from the administration page. The rest of the site is static.
www.univet.hu/units/belgyogyaszat www.univet.hu/units/belgyogyaszat

Vet, Department of Internal Medicine
Szent István University, Faculty of Veterinary Science
A unique webdesign for the Department of Internal Medicine, static web pages.
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